Monday, June 15, 2009

Philosophy of actively doing nothing

For the past month i've been in situation where I have not been able to do anything since the communication in place where I work has completely broken down. Therefore I have had to seek ways to spend eight hours a day by actively doing nothing. It is harder than you think. Usually you have read all the news by 9.30 and then you have to resort into playing online games.

You might ask why don't you try and fix things in your working place. The answer is that my status and position in the power hierarchy does not allow me to that. I would just have to step on too big toes.

It just shows when there is no communication(atleast I do not notice it or happens through unofficial channels) between the leaders and subordinates the goals of the organisation get blurred and causes waste of resources in the organisation.

Okay. Enough of me complaining. I'm of to spend another day doing nothing.

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