Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rotten Apple.

Yesterday I faced a terrible crisis. I dropped my ipod touch on the floor. I picked my ipod from the floor and started to check that nothing got broken. Luckily nothing got seriously damaged however the home button seemed, at first, to be totally shot. I started to pushing the button and tried to fix it with various methods. Nothing worked.

In slight state of panic I started to browse the net for some instructions for how to fix the problem and found lot of people with same problem. So at this point it seemed that Apple can not equip ipod touch with two buttons that would last more than a year in normal use.

After I had rebooted my ipod to its factory settings and the home button still was not working I was pretty sure I would need to part ways with my dear ipod. Then I thought that maybe the button and it its contact surfaces were full of dust and decided to blow some air in and around the button. This meant that I gave my ipod its first "kiss". This was the only way to get enough air pressure to blow out all the dust under the home button. (yes, yes, i could have bought a can of pressurised air)

And hey presto , after blowing the dust out my home button was working normally once again. Well normally is a bit too much, the button still has some problems, but it works most of the time.

Anyway I felt like a genius for the rest of the day. And I did not have to spend 299€ getting a new ipod touch.

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