Thursday, July 23, 2009

Complaints and grievances epidsode 2056

Yesterday I changed a hard drive for the first time in to a tabletop computer. It is remarkeably easy to change a hard drive, you just pop out some connectors and loosen a few screws, put it all back together again and your done.

booting the computer is also very easy and installing XP on your computer fairly simple. After the xp installation you start to face the problems. One thing I do not understand why does not xp show, as a default, when it is downloading new updates. If you know anything about computers you normally will head straight to Windows Update after you have installed XP. However going to Windows Update will result to a situation where your computer is downloading updates simultaneously from two different channels, since the automatic update tool is doing the same thing at the same time.

This is infuriating because it has, again, resulted in to situation where my freshly installed XP is completely stuck and I do not know how to make the update work so that I would KNOW WAHT IS HAPPENING.

Please Microsoft, add a feature to your next OS that enables users to see in real time what kind of updates OS is downloading.


I just want to add how I solved the updating problem. The XP version I was trying to update was XP SP1 and the OS was not able to update itself over Windows Update after installation. After several attempts trying to update over internet I did the following. After installation I only registered XP over the net and then pulled the ethernet wire off from computer then I just installed the latest SP3 to the computer. Do NOT try to install SP2 it fucks up the OS too, atleast that is my experience. After installing SP3 I was able to turn on the automatic updates on and update XP over internet.

Case solved.

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