Monday, July 6, 2009

Isaac Asimov and Audiobooks

Today at work I started to listen Isaac Asimovs "The Caves of Steel " on my ipod. Now I've listened about one third of the whole book and I must say that Asimov was genius as observer the human society and making remarks about the current situation and trends that drive this world but he was also a talented writer. Somehow his text flows freely without being shallow. There really is some deep shit in those books. (In this context "shit" is not meant to be understood as literally as shit, but as representation of well thought out observations about humans as a society and individuals). I do not understand how he can explore the relation of artificial vs. natural intelligence, different approaches organising human society and depicting the life of human individuals in such realistic fashion in only one book, and do that in the most wonderful way.

I've all ready read the three Foundation novels and did enjoy them tremendously. Asimov does not seem to ever fail my expectations.


Do you think that 10 degrees centigrate is a proper temperature for summer? I don't. It sux.

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