Monday, September 14, 2009


So on Saturday I went to see "Inglorious Bastards". I really liked the movie and do not understand why some people are whining that it is not as brilliant as some other movies by Mr. T. Of course it is not as good as his best work. This movie does not try to be a very meaningful or revolutionary movie. It is just simply a very entertaining adventure movie with really good characters.

My favorite was Colonel Hans Landa, he was the true bastard in this movie. Also I must mention Diane Krüger as Bridget von Hammersmark. She was like reincarnation of movie star from the 1940's and extremely attractive. However I do not think Brad Pitt's performance was all that great or worth mentioning. He did a solid role but there is no reason to call it especially good.

The movie also flipped the role of Jews to the role of the mass murderer. Just proves that mass murder is mass murder irregardless of the party that actually does it. Actually all of the characters were not particularly likeable. Everyone seemed to be bastard of some sort and definitely everyone was killer.

But in some situations turning the other cheek just is not enough.


Crap. Now I started to search for meaning in this film, which it really does not have. If you really like a good adventure film with ambiance from the 1940's, go see this film.

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