Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Weezer rocks!

Have you heard the new single by Weezer? It's freaking awesome. Go and listen it here.

This song just makes me feel that it is 2001 again when first heard Hash Pipe. Of course Weezer was not to me in 2001, but somehow I they just went vanished after 1994. I guess for a nine year old anything that does not play on MTV does not exist. Maybe the situation is still the same.

Listening to Weezer (and Clash, and many others) was my coping strategy through High School. Weezers melancholic songs about people that were not on the main stream seamed to comfort me and kept me going.

I really hope the new album is as good as the new single. If I remember correctly the album is out October 27th. What I know for sure that it is called Raditude.

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