Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One more chance for Bloc Party?

I have been quite a big fan of Bloc Party for the past few years. Their album "Weekend in the City" was my sound track for 2007 and I still listen some songs from the album quite frequently.

I noticed the new single "One More Chance" in the beginning of September on YouTube went to iTunes and downloaded it straight away.

The song starts with keyboard riff that could (maybe it is) be from any 90s pop song. Somehow it brings to mind Rick Astley. The rest of the song is pretty much the basic Bloc Party quality. Song is quite catchy and you can hear that it is not made by with no musical talent but still it does not make you listen to it again and again like Flux when it first came out.

Even though I am a big fan of Bloc Party, I must say that I am afraid they might have showed us everything they've got give. The fourth album must be something completely different and awesome for me to give one more chance to Bloc Party.

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