Friday, October 9, 2009

Name Your Poison

Because it is Friday I'd like to give a tip on what to drink. Couple of weeks ago I felt like I was about to get ill, my throat was sore and I had no energy. Everyone knows that you can try and stop the early signs of flu by drinking some hot drink with alcohol (rum), so I went and bought a bottle of Rhum Pecoul. After two cups tea with healthy pours of Rhum Pecoul and good night sleep I felt a lot better. So I highly recommend this for anyone who feels that they might have caught a cold.

My recipe for mixing Rhum Pecoul was the following:

- hot water
- tea bag
- sugar
- 5 - 10 cl Rhum Pecoul (according to taste)(don't go over 1 dl, this stuff is really potent stuff, 54%)

Mix this all together and enjoy!

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