Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What Do You Think About Raditude?

Weezer released its new album a couple of weeks ago. It is called Raditude. It has a really stupid cover and it is their seventh album. At the moment I kinda have mixed feelings about the album. I am not sure if it is totally awesome or the most mediocre album in the world.

The album statrs with one of the most catchy tunes I have heard lately. Somehow "(If you're wondering) I want you to" sounded like the best song ever when I first heard it. The next two songs do not have anything that important to say. The mood in them is quite alright and when you are listening the album they do not catch your attention in any particular way. They are fillers.

The fourth song is "Can't Stop Partying" featuring Little Wayne and it is something we have not heard from Weezer. The song is very trippy, but somehow very cool. The next song is a bit traditional Weezer song with really emo lyrics. The song flows nicely and has nice rising intensity. There just is no reason to start inventing the wheel once again.

Songs from six to ten are not as good as songs from one to five, but they are still quite ok and that is probably the problem since there are four truly brilliant songs in the album. Out of the last five songs I'd like rise up "Let It All Hang Out", it has a killer guitar intro. The album ends with slower song "I Don't Want To Let You Go".

As fan of Weezer I liked "Raditude" quite a bit, but I do not think the album is such an great listening experience to those who have never listened to Weezer. When you listen to the objectively it lacks some coherence. The flow from song to song good be better. Clearly the quality of the material is not that even, but at least the mood in the songs is similar or what I mean they form a unified album.

If you are not a Weezer fan "Raditude" probably does not offer you anything special, but as a fan I would go even as far as saying that this album is way better than their previous album or "Make Believe" ('05).

Songs you should check out:

"(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To"
"Can't Stop Partying" (featuring Lil Wayne)
"Put Me Back Together"
"Let It All Hang Out"

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