Friday, January 29, 2010


Last weekend I watched the pilot of Caprica and boy what a pilot it was. Although the pilot was released in the spring 2009 I only remembered that this spin-off form Battlestar Galactica was starting when saw it in the TV listings.

The opening sequence from the holoclub really catches your attention and first few moments of the pilot start to build an interesting story line that you really want to follow. The characters feel real, none of them are super heroes, but instead all the characters are some how flawed, have their weaknesses and live a life were they have to break the rules in order to survive.

The theme of morals and ethics is big part of Caprica. The show will also deal with what it means to human and what is the line between human and a machine. These two topics will give the story line a great support and content that makes the series go beyond the usual battle of good and evil.

I found the pilot of Caprica all in all a very positive experience. The storyline was good and there was enough scifi for me in the pilot. Actually it was kinda nice that the scifi side of the pilot was not that overwhelming. There was enough material in the pilot to fill out the first season of some other scifi show.

Anyhow pilot was interesting enough to get me hooked and I'm really looking forward what will happen in Caprica during the rest of the season.

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