Monday, March 8, 2010

The Ricky Gervais Show aka mumbling about things that aren't actually even funny -show

The other night I watched The Ricky Gervais Show, which is the animated version of his weekly(?) radio show that he does with couple of his friends. In the show they discuss topics that are somehow actual, but usually they just talk about something that Karl Pilkington thought about during the week.

Pilkingtons opinions and theories are supposed to be funny, but I never seem to see anything original or amusing in his views on various issues. The show mostly consists of mumbling and Gervais' fake laughter which in my mind does not make a funny TV show.

At least the episode I watched did not make good television. Maybe the show works in the radio but the animated TV version totally sucks. Somehow there is no dynamic in the sketches they do and the animation is rubbish. In short the show lacks punch lines. Yes, yes I understand that it is possible to make comedy with out punch lines, but the stories in the show just are not funny, they don't make laugh.

Maybe these guys just did not understand why their show originally started in the radio. I'll give you a hint. It is the opposite of funny.

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