Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Making Innovations

As I wrote in my previous blog posting I am participating to the 1st EU-Russia Innovation Forum in Lappeenranta, Finland. I want to stress that I am total dilettante in the field if someone does not notice that from the things I have written to this blog.

Somehow these seminars are a bit idiotic, because there is a room full of people just yapping (or few are yapping) about things that have no potential in creating these innovations ie. the supposed goal of the seminar. Also it may be harmful to have these seminars because there is a danger that thinking about these things unifies and thus making the appearance of new innovations difficult. I believe it is crucial that there is diversification in thinking patterns and practices, that enables the creation new ideas and practices. Somehow I agree with the CEO of Technopolis Mr. Keith Silverang that governments are the problem not the solution in these innovation matters, but on the other hand governments have the ability to build circumstances that are needed for innovative society, I mean education and equal opportunities for all to develop their own abilities to full potential. In this respect there are grounds for organizing these sort of events: it is good that the government, business people and universities think together how to create the best circumstances for new innovations to appear and how process them so that they became viable options to better our society.

This brings us to the second thing is it possible to make innovations grow. I think that the answer is yes and no. Yes, it is possible to promote the appearance of so called small innovations i.e. the development of telecommunications and types of new services. Is it possible to promote the appearance of big, world changing innovations? For that you, naturally, need time, money (a lot) and talented people. They will not appear, because of some 5-year government program. For that you need enough resources in the basic structure that support innovation starting from social security, basic education and universities that supports all and has the possibility to give enough challenge to these special individuals to realize their interest. Of course there is also this point that maybe there should not be any support that these extra ordinary people will find their way, what ever the circumstances are.

Every child should have the feeling that the world is open to them. Some doors will of course close, but the ability to succeed should be open to all. To create this feeling every child should receive the best education possible. The content of the education should be as wide as possible. It should support their ability to understand the big picture and their basic education should include ability understand many different subject areas and the ability to think, to categorize, to argue, to induct, to exchange views, to weigh different possibilities and make a decision based on the facts. Also they should high values and moral. I think this is one of the most important things. In addition the concept of success should not be too narrow, because then we may lose innovations that are not in the fields of business and economy.

I think the focus should be on the big world changing innovations rather than innovations create quick profits and business.

This writing is all quite general and a bit high flying but this is how I feel. This is what long day at a seminar and one Guinness does to you.

Ps. If you are looking for Irish pub in Lappeenranta go to Old Cock. (hahaa) Happy hour 12.00-18.00 Guinness/Kilkenny/ Kozel/Fosters etc. 3.20€

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