Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Seminar Blues

I am participating to a seminar in Lappeeranta, 1st Eu-Russia Innovation Forum. The purpose of the forum's purpose is to discuss the innovation cooperation of the two parties from different perspectives.

Previously I haven't participated to such an seminar and it has been quite an enlightening experience and here some remarks I've made during the seminar:

1. The same things seem to be repeated in many speeches.

It just shows how important it is to support the status quo or create rapport or show that you know the basic things of the subject area. Also disagreeing is something that does not exists in these events or maybe in the corridor discussion and discussions during the evening dinner.

2. You should know why you are there

Why go if you do not have a clear target. It is a bit embarrassing to talk to people when you do not have a clear target to present to them.

3. Going as an outsider

Social aspect

It is quite painful to just walk around and look as other people group and meet the old acquaintances and chat around. People seem to know exactly are you in or out. I've seen couple of other young people that walk around and obviously they do not have a clue why they are there.

Outside of the subject area

The topic of the seminar is something that is totally unknown to me. I have no previous knowledge of how innovation is supported and promoted by universities, businesses and governments. First of all the jargon related, especially the different program and policy names, is quite a jungle to navigate. Also not knowing anything makes the lectures and speeches quite irrelevant.

As a closing comment I'd like to say that this seminar has left me with two kinds of feelings. Firstly it has been a great opportunity to meet new people and familiarize with subject area that has previously been unknown to me. Secondly I think that for me this seminar was a bit unnecessary and I had nothing to give or ability to take use of the opportunities at the seminar.

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