Friday, January 7, 2011

Coco Starts a New

This blog post has been delayed due to lazyness and work obligations. Now, being unemployed, I have a lot of free time so I can focus on more important things like blogging.

Have you noticed that Conan has started his new show on TBS. Oh, you have. Shit. This is not starting very well. 

Anyways here are my thoughts about the new show.

I was totally excited about Conan's new show and had really high expectations. I think so did Conan and his crew, because Conan was visibly nervous during the first couple of shows. After a couple of weeks I think Conan got his act together and was again able to relax infront of the camera.

This new show has proven atleast one thing. The style of comedy that Conan his writers do can not be adapted to suit Tonight Show. There needs to be that edge and sillyness in their comedy. Or maybe, and actually I vote for this option, it is just the fact that the audience of Tonight Show is so much older that they just do not understand Conan's comedy. The comedy in the new show is atleast as good as the in Late Night. And you can see that people doing the show are having fun.

Conan is enjoyable to watch and even the product placements do not bother me that much.


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