Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

Twentyten was a pretty good year for me. I achieved some things that I never thougth I would do. Also I think it was a year of spritual transformation for me. At the beginning of 2011 I feel much more relaxed and happy than before, still I do have some things to work on.

I am quite excite about the new year. I hope it brings new and exciting things for me and my loved ones. 

I did see quite a strange dream last night. At first I was at a medeval town where I was hiding from Death Knights and evil Mages from World of Warcraft. I threw spells on them and was able to defeat couple of them and drive the rest of them away. Oh, and I was wearing this magical cloak (or I did cast spell, can't remember which) that made me invisible.

In the second part of my dream I was flying with Lady Gaga over southern France. I do not why we were doing this. We were looking for the apartments in the top floors of apartment blocks and tried to sneak in. Maybe to have sex. I remember how the sun was shining and the trees were green it was obviously the beginning of summer since the temperature was not that high. Eventually I think me and Lady Gaga found a place we liked and got in. The apartment was on top of a white house and there was a big balcony almost like a veranda. I unfortunately I do not know what happend next.

Hopefully this was some sort of a premonition of what will happen to me during 2011.

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