Thursday, January 6, 2011

To Kill A Mocking Bird

I finished this book already couple of weeks ago, but still I wanted to say a few words about this book.

It is no wonder that "To Kill A Mocking Bird" has its place as one the novels that is mentioned when talking about how the race question in U.S. society has been dealt in literary culture. Yes, eventhough the book is written from a "white" perspective it draws very sharp and clear picture of the double standards in the U.S. justice systems and peoples minds in the 1930s. Of course the whole book is commentary to the situation in 1960s, but still the it draws a vivid picture of Maycomb county.

At times you can feel the warm summer breeze on your face or the floor boards slighty squaking under your feet when you walk accross the kitchen inside Finch's house. The atmosphere and milieu is so well crafted, present all the time and strong with out being pushy. It just lingers there in the background as it should.

The second thing I wanted to say is about the story line. I did not have knowledge about the actual story line before I started the book so the kind of indirect progression of the story with couple of side stories really lead me a stray. I really did not know how the story would end. This is probably the best part of the book. 

But what makes this book so great is that is Harper Lee's ability to write in a manner which touches your feeling and with out preaching at the same time.

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