Friday, March 25, 2011

Changing to Mac

At the end of 2010 my old Acer laptop started to show signs of old age. I started to consider my options. I was pretty sure that I did not want to buy a desk top computer. There were couple of very interesting options that were on offer from Sony and Samsung. Both of them were laptops with Core i5 processors and large and fast hard drives. The buz that has been surrounding Apple for the past five years got also to me and made me consider buying a Mac. Unfortunately the pricing of Mac computers has been a bit of putting. Let's face it the hardware in the laptops usually is a bit out dated (that changed with the new generation of MacBook Pros. Still there is something strange with the Macs that lured into buying one. I was pretty lucky to find a two month old base model MacBook Pro for only 870 euros with a neoprene bag (value 40-50 €) and with preinstalled MS Office. The whole package was delivered to me with the same price. So converting to a Mac did not end u being so expensive, at least not for me. I've used a Mac now for about four months and here are some of thoughts about my experiences. 

Even though I would not like admit it there is this strange aura around Macs. It just feels so much cooler to use.  It is funny how Apple has been able to make devices that do not not represent the latest technology cool. A lot of it is to do with user experience which, I think, is just wonderful. The ease of use and the fact that device just works is wonderful. Also it was not that hard to impress me since my previous laptop was from the 2006.

I usually listen my music from my computer so I really appreciated that the 3,5 mm headphone jack also acts as an optical audio out that connects to my stereos. I also like iPhoto and iTunes works much more smoother than in Windows XP. Before this blog post turns totally into just repeating how wonderful Macbook Pro is as a laptop I think it is better to stop. But before that I want to make just one more point. I think that for most people that are not even so technically oriented as me Mac offers ease of use and stress free computing. Also you will constantly find features that make the use of your computer more easier and just a bit more pleasant. So far the closed nature of Mac's software environment has not caused me any problems and I have been able to install all the programs that I have wanted to. In conclusion, so far my Mac experience has been very positive.

PS. Don't change to Firefox 4 it caused me a lot of problems I had to go back to 3.6.

PPS. Oh, they are starting to sell them iPad twos in my country. Should I get one?

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