Friday, March 25, 2011

My favourite Android apps

I've had my HTC Wildfire now for nine months and I would like to share couple of my favourite apps.


Winamp for Android
 The standard music player that HTC offers is all-right, at first. After awhile you start to notice the limitations of the program. They are mainly on the usability side. The default music player just isn't that agile and easy to use. Particularly changing between the player and library and getting to the track list of a album is a bit difficult

Winamp for Android is makes listening to music more enjoyable. The user interface has some pretty nice features. Like when you are playing an album you just simply swipe down wards and the track list is exposed. Also the search function is very agile. At the newest versions when you swipe left or right you can change the song. Winamp for Android also plays Shoutcast internet radio.


Oh, this app has brought me so many fun moments during the last six months. Absolutely the best way to search geocaches on a Android device. Not much more to say about this. The program is updated frequently and if you start geocaching you might find a fun new hobby.


There are a number of software that you can use for navigation in Android and there are also paid version available from TomTom and others. I opted for AndNaz!2 which is free navigation software. You can use maps from many sources like Mapnik and Google Maps. The maps that Mapnik provides are very accurate and detailed. You can download maps directly from Mapnik and save them on your device. Also when you browse maps on AndNav!2 the maps are saved to the device for later. The problem is that the route directions are downloaded from a different service which is bit of a bummer. This means that you always need an internet connection when you want route directions, but if you have an unlimited data plan that shouldn't be problem. For a free navigation software AndNav!2 is great program and is able to fulfil most of your navigation needs.

Frozen Yoghurt

Finally thank god they finally released the 2.2 Froyo update also to Wildfire. It made the device so much better. The device itself feels a bit more responsive but the best thing that came with the 2.2 update were the many small tweaks and corrections made to the GUI and language translation. Like the fact that when you turn the phone while using the camera the controls turn accordingly.

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