Monday, June 13, 2011

I can't see you

Once again a book by Paul Auster has found a way to hands. This time I read Auster's newest novel titled "Invsible". It was first published in 2009. This was the third book by Auster I've read. The other two being "Mr. Vertigo" and "Brooklyn Follies". The links guide you to the blog entries that I wrote about those books.

Auster: Invisible (Photo by the author)
Unsurprisingly the book takes place (where else but) in New York with a French connection. It tells the story of Adam Walker and what happend to him during 1967. Auster is a brilliant story teller no doubt about it. He writes in a way that makes the story flow with ease and unexpected twists and turns are placed perfectly. "Invisible" is a thriller, love story and a growth story all at the same package and it is  executed with great precision.

Let it be emphasized, I did enjoy reading this book.

Auster has found the winning formula that goes without saying. When you compare "Brooklyn follies" and "Invisible" I found some points that I find a bit of annoying, mainly because my own world view is compatible with these points and I know Auster has written these points in because he knows people like me enjoy them. This only means that he knows his audience very well. The most prevailing of these points is the intellectual East-Coast university sentiment that is so overwhelming that is hyper analytical and self-concious.

The second point that annoys me is sex and how Auster always needs to put some of it in his books. Yes, yes it is part of being human and quite large part. (The fundamental part?) Sometimes it just seems that the sex is there to get a reaction. In this book there is a sexual relationship that annoyed me. First I was disgusted. Then I tried to explain why the characters did what they did based on their tragic childhood. After that I wanted to kill myself for trying to explain the thing out. Maybe it's just my own problem. Why do I need to analyse everything?

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