Thursday, June 23, 2011

Apple Remote - A quick complaint

Maybe a week ago I bought the latest addition to my collection of Apple products - I got myself an iRemote or is it Apple remote. iCan't remember. My problem was that I wanted something that would control both picture and sound with the same remote. Unfortunately Apple Remote meets only half of my requirements.

iRemote or Apple Remote (which one is it anyway)
Apple Remote does work quite well at controlling Front Row. Browsing through your music library, photos and videos is a breeze. Here's the catch, Apple Remote only controls the master volume of the whole computer it does not control the volume level of the music/video player being used. 

Why is this a problem? Well, because I use the optical audio connection of my MacBook Pro to feed audio to my stereo. As we all know when you use optical audio it isn't possible to control the master volume of the computer. Therefore it would be really cool if Apple Remote would control the volume of the player (iTunes/Quicktime) being used. Then it would be possible for me to use just one remote when I watch/ listen material from my laptop. I would just adjust the volume level of my stereo to one level and that would be it, then continue using just Apple Remote. Somehow it is a bit stupid that if you use the better quality sound connection you can not adjust the volume at all using Apple Remote. Apple has a reputation for making products that are easy to use and which operate flawlessly. I guess Apple Remote is an exception to the rule. Who is sleeping at the design department?

If you know how to fix this please drop me a comment.

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