Monday, June 27, 2011

Tablets - Large square tablets

Samsung Galaxy Tab
I bought Samsung Galaxy Tab a few months ago, because I was really interested to find out if there was anything to this tablet computer craze that swooped over the techscene during last year. I was about to buy iPad 2, but then I came into the conclusion that it was just too expensive for my budget also I did not like the fact that Apple controls the applications you can install on iPad. Then I found Samsung Galaxy Tab. I got myself a used one at half the price what a new one would cost and the device was only a few months old so it was a very reasonable deal.

I admit that I am a bit of a addict when it comes to Internet. I spend way too much time in front of my  computer. Tablet does not solve this but when I am reading news or checking Twitter or YouTube videos it is just perfect. Especially in the evenings it is much better to read news from a smaller screen than blast your brains with a light from a 24" monitor. At least for me it does improve my sleep quality.

At least when it comes to iPad it has been gaming that everyone has been buzzing about. In the case of Android devices I haven't found any games that would be that interesting. The quality is all right but nothing that will revolutionise gaming. Galaxy Tab comes with NOVA which is okay for a fps-game. The gyroscopic control is all right but sometimes you find yourself pointing into very strange directions. It needs some improvements.

What is BIG PIECE OF STINKING POO-O is the updating system of Galaxy Tab. Why on earth do you need to install Kies before you can update the firmware. The whole system is just complete bollocks, because my HTC Wildfire is able to do updates over wi-fi. Don't tell me that wi-fi is not reliable. > :( It gets better. The Galaxy tab can't be charged via USB when it is connected to a computer. Woohoo. The update process takes a lot of power (for some reason) and if the battery of your device is not fully charged you will need to cancel the update process and recharge your device. ISN'T THAT MOTHER FUCKING CONVENIENT OR WHAT?!?

In my mind tablet computers are fun innovations that have lot of positive sides but so far I think they still have some drawbacks that limit the usability.

How do you use your tablet computer? Was it worth the money?

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