Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Robot Overlord! T-Shirt Shop

When you think of cool stuff what is the first thing that comes to your mind. That's right. Robots. I was also recently thinking about robots and how cool they really are. I was also holding a pencil and had a notebook on hand.  I started doodling and after awhile I noticed that I drew pretty cool robot heads. Might someone else think they are cool? Would they like to see them in t-shirts? There should be enough cool geeks and nerds on this planet that would appreciate my robot designs, they might even think that they are really cool and buy one.

I decided to set up my own webstore using Spreadshirt's platform. You can find my webshop at:

From RobotOverlord! can currently find two designs: Robot 1 and Robot 8. There is model for men and women from both designs. I think they are pretty cool clothes and you should check them out.

RobotOverlord! - Check it out

PS. Sorry for the shameless self-promotion.

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